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Assorted Snacksize Box 100g



This is the perfect pack for those who enjoy exploring all their senses. Savour a world of flavour with our assorted Chocodates all in one assorted combination pack. A surprise every time, from the complexity of our Dark Chocodate, indulge in the playfulness of the white Chocodate and appreciate the lightness of our silky Milk Chocolate Chocodate with every bite.

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Whats's Inside


Among the lowest-calorie nuts. The best cholesterol regulators and rich in Vitamin E.


Low in fat, cholesterol-free, rich in fiber and antioxidants that helps fight heart diseases and cancer. Natural energy booster and helps balance your metabolism.


Made from the seeds of cocoa tree. One of the most loved food items across the globe and acclaimed as the best source of antioxidants on the planet.

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